Successful Frugal Home Design Tricks

You can create a fresh new look in your home without needing to spend a ton of money. Use these simple frugal home design tips to give each room in your home a simple and affordable house lift.

Frugal Home Design Tip 1: Move It Around

Rearranging a room will give your room a new look. Change things up a bit. But, before you begin that back breaking work of moving each piece, draw a simple floor outline of the room and sketch out the different arrangement possibilities.

Try something new. Angle that couch instead of leaving it flush against the wall. Exchange pieces of furniture from one room to another – The arrangement in your living room is nailed to the floor only in your mind. Surprise your family with a furniture switch from the bedroom to the den or the den to the living room.

Move the art on the wall. The old saying “familiarity breeds contempt” can also be true with art on the wall. If it never moves it will stop being noticed. Move and rearrange the art. Change a painting from the bedroom to the mantle or rearrange what you have in the room on a different wall.

Frugal Home Design Tip 2: Give It A Fresh Coat

There is nothing that will change the look of a room quicker than a fresh coat of paint. Instead of painting the entire room, choose one wall which pulls in the colors of your favorite art piece, rug or window covering.

Don’t want to paint a room? Do you have a book case or entertainment center? Paint the inside backs with 2 or 3 colors in a checkerboard type design. An focused light will bring out the brilliant color of that vase or draw attention to a special accent.

Add a few battery powered adhesive backed accent lights to the top of a few shelves to highlight a glass object or family photo.

Frugal Home Design Tip 3: Add Some Colorful Organics

Fresh, or even silk seasonal flowers, will bring an emotional lift to any room. A new bouquet a week is a great way to keep things colorful and fresh.

Try using unusual bowls or containers as a vase. Use a hat box, oatmeal box, glass jar or empty out the kitchen canister for a delightful look.

Watching for sales, using coupons from local fabric stores or checking out clearance tables is always a fantastic frugal design resource to use to add sparkle and splash to your home accessorizing.

Frugal Home Design Tip 4: Bring In Fabric Splash

New textures and colors will liven up a room. Adding a chenille throw or colorful textured pillows will enhance any furniture piece.

Slip covers on couches and easy chairs are a fun way to give a new but frugal new look to that tired old couch.

Add a new table runner or place mats to the dining room table or change the seat covers on the dining room chairs or kitchen stools for a frugal design makeover.

Frugal Home Design Tip 5: Provide a Sensory Experience

Nothing says warm and welcome more than a scented candle. An aromatherapy diffuser can also provide a flame free, room freshening scent experience.

Remember, Frugal Home Design is not about being “cheap”, it’s about being creative with what you already have.

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The Importance Of Custom Home Design Consultation

Building a-one-of-a-kind home is something that is exciting. Being able to put together all the things you have admired in other homes or seen in magazines allows you to have something that is not only attractive but practical as well. The first thing is to put all your ideas together and when you have a plan and know how much you want to spend, contact people who are experts in the field of custom home design.

When a custom house is to be designed for a specific location it is necessary for the designer to take this into consideration. After looking at the property involved, the necessary details can be put together and blueprints made. At all times you will be able to review these plans and make any changes desired.

In making your plans for the interior or exterior it is common to include certain styles, such as European, Mediterranean, French or others. Your design can combine certain features of these styles or can be completely original. Whichever design is selected, it needs to reflect your own personality and desires.

There are many excellent features that can be put into a home design. These could include an open floor plan, great room, multi-purpose kitchen and other options. It is important that your new structure blend in with the surrounding area, however the possibilities are endless to make the house something that is both beautiful and personal.

Situations usually dictate how a custom home is designed. A couple just retiring will have different ideas that a family with young children. A newly married couple will have their own agenda. Whichever category you on fit in it is possible to have the exciting adventure of creating your own dream dwelling. However, to accomplish this end it is important to make sure that the designer and architect are following your personal plans.

Most custom houses are built for a single family and are on lots a person already owns. However, there are builders who sell fully serviced lots for this purpose, usually in exclusive areas. In any case, it will be a high-end project with combined features not found in other houses.

Every building project involves a contractor to actually put your ideas into reality. It is only by using top notch materials and having experienced workers on the job that this will happen. This is why it is so important to check out his or her credentials and work record.

Planning this project offers the opportunity to explore other houses, books, designer magazines and other resources, combining the best features of each one. For example, there are many large open kitchens that are a cook’s delight. A specially designed outdoor living area can add many hours of pleasure for an entire family, while the use of lots of windows and skylights can provide an excellent brightly lit area. The possibilities go on and on. It is simply a matter of making your own plans with a proper custom home design that meets all of your expectations.

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Equifax Credit Report

Get Your Equifax Credit Report Before Applying for a Loan

Equifax, founded in 1899, is the oldest of the three main credit reporting bureaus. Businesses use these credit reporting bureaus determine the creditworthiness of an individual. The other two reporting bureaus, Experian and Transunion, carry similar data to that of Equifax but different companies will use different reporting bureaus and not every bureau will be updated with the same information about each consumer. Every individual is entitled to one free Equifax credit report a year and additional credit reports can be purchased directly through the Equifax website.

The Equifax website allows consumers to obtain reports from the other credit reporting bureaus when a consumer pulls a report through them, which can be useful for those who want a consolidated report. They also offer the consumer their FICO score, VantageScore and Equifax Risk Score. Consumers can also purchase identity protection through the Equifax website when ordering their credit rating report, and there is also a credit monitoring service available for those who want regular updates about their current credit status and any potential problems. They can also contact Equifax directly through the website in the event that they notice any errors on their report that might be adversely affecting their credit rating.

The Equifax lost wallet assistance service is an especially valuable service that Equifax consumers can sign up for. The Equifax lost wallet assistance service helps consumers when they lose their wallets and is available through certain Equifax plans. The service helps replace driver’s licenses, credit cards, debit cards and social security cards, along with protecting their identity against any potential identity theft.

Many people may find that their credit rating varies about 20 to 30 points between reporting bureaus, depending on how each bureau does their calculations and depending on the information that each bureau has. If a consumer notices that their Equifax score is substantially lower than the other two reporting bureaus they may want to inspect their Equifax credit score for anything additional that has been listed on the Equifax report that is not on the other reports.

An Equifax credit rating can be acquired online, through physical mail or through some mobile phone applications. The fastest and easiest method to get an Equifax credit report is online, and it usually only requires the answering of a few simple questions regarding the consumer’s prior credit history. Credit ratings can also be requested through physical mail, and there are new mobile phone applications that allow not only the acquiring of a credit report but also credit score monitoring.

Among the credit bureaus, the Equifax company is one of the most widely used and widely respected and they offer many optional features through their website for identity protection and monitoring. Equifax can be used as a one-stop service for those interested in their credit history because they allow the consumer to request a combined report for all three major reporting bureaus. However, they do not offer access to some of the credit scoring systems that the other two major bureaus offer, such as a Transunion or Experian risk score.
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